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According to medical science, there is no sure cure for arthritis. Arthritis is partially caused by mineral deposits in the joints. X-rays will show the mineral deposits very clearly. These deposits crystallize to irritate the joints as they move, causing severe pain ;and swelling. Since the average person drinks up to 450 glasses of mineral solids found in hard water during a life span, it is logical to assume that these inorganic minerals were slowly deposited in the joints through the years, causing the arthritis. Distilled water, in turn, dissolves these mineral deposits.

Water can help reduce the pain caused by arthritis by lubricating the joints and providing cushioning. By staying hydrated will help keep a steady water supply that can be used to make movements smoother and easier in the joint cavities. Similarly, distilled water can also profide relief for those who suffer from gout.

The principal point to remember is that hard water carries inorganic minerals into our bodies, where as distilled water carries them out. You must reverse this process. It’s that simple.

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