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New research strengthens the link between water pollution and rising male fertility problems. The study, by Brunel University, the Universities of Exeter and Reading and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, shows for the first time how a group of testosterone-blocking chemicals is finding its way into UK rivers.

One in six couples are have difficulty conceiving and nearly 37,000 people a year are having IVF. Chemicals in our water could be driving this reproductive calamity.

Drinking distilled water is important as it plays a vital role to our organs, including the reproductive system. By drinking 8 to 10 glasses of distilled water a day can help flush out our body of toxins and wastes to prepare it for conception. Drink pure water, that is, water that has been removed of all impurities which are harmful to our body, drink distilled water only.

Cervical fluid plays an important role in getting pregnant. It helps the sperms get to the eggs for fertilization. Distilled Water helps by increasing the fertile quality cervical fluid. Good fertile quality cervical fluid will help the sperms reach the eggs for fertilization. It will also help to keep the sperms alive for several days while waiting for ovulation to take place. This is how distilled water helps in boosting fertility.

When your body is cleared of toxins, it will make it more effective for our body to absorb all the nutrients from the food we consume. Nutrients are essential to the reproductive success. Here again distilled water plays an important role in transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout our body in the form of blood, which makes up of about 85% of water. So always stay hydrated by drinking lots of pure distilled water.