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To begin with, IBS or Irritable Bowl Syndrome is not a disease but rather a defense system. It is a gut indicator that your body is toxic.

Chlorine is a chemical and capable of killing most living things, but is also a cause of many health problems, most notably hardening of the arteries. Drinking it, goes into the system, and out of the system, no harm done... except it kills cells.

In the colon chlorine has an alarming effect. The colon is the site of many healthful flora. Chlorine kills this good healthful flora.

In hospitals most water enemas are taken from the tap. Tap water high in chlorine is bad for colitis and IBS patients. They can irritate and cause colitis. No person with an irritated bowel should ever be given tap water enemas that can contain chlorine. This may be one reason for the old medical books recommending enemas for IBS and colitis, and new ones saying they are harmful.

In his book, Acidophilus and Colon Health, 1999, David Webster says:

“Indicators of a healthy colon flora are a soft but well-formed stool, with amber color and little or no odor, and that floats in water most of the time. When the stools are dry, dark brown, too solidly formed or too loose, and especially if there is a putrid odor, these are clear indicators of a putrefactive, alkaline-producing colon flora.

Chronic constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome are often eliminated when your colon is restored and maintained at a slightly acid pH.”

In his research, Webster found that feeding the remaining good bacteria edible lactose whey rejuvenates the good bacteria in your colon. By drinking 2 – 5 tablespoons or more each day in a glass of distilled water enough lactose can reach your colon to feed the good bacteria. Webster recommends doing this for 30 days. After this period you can check your stools to see if you have reactivated your good bacteria.

Using distilled water is great, contains no bad bacteria, and does not kill good intestinal bacteria!