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Men's Health

"Men could start turning pear-shaped from drinking TAP WATER, experts warn. An increasing number of female hormones in tap supplies means that fellas may begin to experience girlie changes to their bodies. Chemicals called "foreign oestrogen's" get into the tap water supply through everyday use and come from any sources including shampoos, soaps, hormone replacement tablets and even the Pill. Past studies have revealed they can have "gender building" effects and could pose fertility and prostate cancer risks. Medics have noticed that men, who traditionally carry excess weight round the middle have increasing amounts of fat on their hips and thighs - like women"

The Sun newspaper 21 April 2011

The environment is polluted by the passing of oestrogen's into our tap water supply. In recent years there has been much concern about the rising oestrogen levels in men which has resulted in sperm counts dropping alarmingly. A study by the Medical Research Council found that Scottish men born since 1970 are 25 per cent less fertile than those born 20 years earlier - and that fertility is continuing to drop by two per cent a year.

And it’s not just affecting men as the paper also reported research showed that ethanol oestradiol, a powerful form of oestrogen, is causing up to half the male fish in our low land rivers to change sex and a study published by the Environment Agency at the same time said that entire fish stocks in some stretches of water are irreversibly affected. Scientists believe the synthetic oestrogen can feminize fish at levels as low as one part per billion.

From Blair to Cowell no one is safe from the curse of 'moobs' Mail.online.co.uk

You might think that 'moobs' are simply the product of over-indulgence, not necessarily. Nor are they solely the preserve of the unfit and overweight.

In fact, the number of men in their 30s, 40s and 50s experiencing the problem is said to be increasing. So what to do?

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