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Features and Benefits


Our new model features a new on/off switch, new insulated power sockets for ultimate safety and distills a full tank of pure water in only 3 hours!


At ViaFosa we specialise in water purification and distillation to maximise the benefits that water intake has on your body, with our two main distillation products which come complete with a stainless steel water filter for the highest quality water purification.

Our dependable home water distillation systems offer great value and are more economical than similar units from other companies which can cost twice as much and can be more difficult to use.

Thermostatically controlled with the ability to turn off at the end of each cycle, we estimate that our water distillers will cost you only 12p per litre allowing you to create freshly distilled water from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost of a bottle of water.

Choose between two models, the Glass jug model and the Polycarbonate jug model, which both produce the same outstanding results leaving you to see and feel the benefits almost immediately.

Completely reliable, the price of each water distiller includes:

If you usually spend money on bottled water or rely on expensive water filter technologies having to replace water filer cartridges over time, then our water distillers are guaranteed to save you money offering savings that will easily pay for your distillation system time and time again.

Working through a simple single-button start, the distiller heats tap water which is vaporised into sterilised vapour before it is condensed back into its liquid state ready to be consumed free of pollutants, bacteria and the chemicals and toxins usually found in tap water.

For further information about our distillers, contact us today.

The continuous necessity to replace expensive water filter cartridges will easily pay for your system over and over again!