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Water Facts & Benefits

The human body comprises of 60-70% water which is reduced each day through perspiration and bodily waste, as a result this loss needs to be replaced for the body to function at its most optimum levels.

From digesting food through to keeping the body’s temperature balanced, the requirement for water is detrimental to the human body which is why it is important to ensure that the quality of the water you are putting in your body is high.

Here is where the distilled water benefits come into force, as water in its purest form it has the capacity to rehydrate and replenish that part of your body which is 60-70% water, absorbing inert minerals in your body and flushing them out while making your body feel lighter, healthier and giving you a lot more energy.

The process of how to make distilled water works in a similar way to natures method of purifying water, as the sun heats oceans and steam rises forming clouds, all impurities are reduced and left behind, the more steam that evaporates, the more clouds appear forming rain which is the by product of natural distillation creating the distilled water.

Our water distillation systems make distilled water in the same way, as water boils it kills bacteria, leaving steam to evaporate forming clouds of vapour which eventually form the distilled water which will benefit your body.

While tap water, bottled water and filtered tap water contain minerals which are natural or added, distilled water does not.

Read about just some of the many distilled water benefits below: