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The actual process of a water detox is consuming enough water a day to achieve these following important functions in our body.

  • Dilute toxins and waste products for their drainage from our body system
  • Regulate and maintain our body temperature
  • Maintaining good joints by lubricating it with water-based solutions
  • Helps to clear excessive fats from our bloodstreams
  • Cover our spinal cord with fluid to protect it from strong impacts
  • Faster transportation of nutrients,hormones & chemical substances throughout our body
  • Provides our brain with necessary fluids for protection (the brain is 80%water)

More and more people today are becoming conscious about the harmful effects of chemicals that they either directly or indirectly consume. They know the fact that these result in the increasing rates of cancer and obesity. People are realizing now the consequences of alcohol, fast food and all the diet and nutrition fads. This is where detoxification comes to their rescue.

A popular technique of detoxification is the distilled water fast. Most of the people who indulge in this will find it one of the most difficult things they have done but have also realized how rewarding it is. To prepare mentally for the fast, you must predict the activities you'll be doing over the next few days. Some people fast for three days in order to know how it feels to do so. Some people, who find water fast difficult, prefer to just sleep the whole day. On the other hand, some people feel energetic and vibrant when on a water fast. Generally, one should not take water fasting lightly as many people will agree that the experience of fasting can be rather profound. Living only on water makes a person realize how little we need to function and survive.

Before undertaking this fast it is always advised to prepare the body by drinking fresh fruit juice and soft and raw food. If the fast gives you a lot of pressure and stress continue it only till the end of that day.

A health care practitioner or a doctor should be consulted before going on a water detox. Do not use water straight from the tap since this water contains a lot of mineral salts, heavy metals, pollutants and harmful trace elements. Instead you should drink distilled water.

As the fast progresses, you might feel a bit dizzy as the heart rests during a fast. The dizziness will be decreased if you sit down or stand up slowly. Some people may also get fever and headache since the level of waste in the blood, during a detoxification, increases. However, these will not last for long and they will be gone as soon as the water passes through your system.

If you think that detoxification is too difficult for you than make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of distilled water per day. Drinking this amount of water will help your body move nutrients around, cool itself and remove stored bacteria, waste and toxins.