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Filters & Bottled Water

Filters & Bottled Water

American Style Fridge Filters
Leading Manufacturers of Large American style fridges ask us to change our water filters every Six months.

So why.....?
Do we really need to change them.

This is why.....
Most refrigerator water filters, which meet NSF/ANSI 42 certification standards, use granular activated carbon (GAC) to attract chemicals and impurities responsible for bad taste and odor.

However these filters are not capable to rid water of more dangerous, health-threatening contaminants. The method by which water is channeled through the filters does not allow sufficient time to complete the absorption of the bad substances. So various bacteria are formed, trapped and allowed to multiply, which further contaminates water processed by the filters.

Carbon is not capable to absorb heavy metals, such as lead. GAC filters may trap some heavy metals and sediments, but allow others to filter through to the output water.

Failure to change the water filter, every six months, allows unabsorbed water contaminants and newly formed bacteria to saturate the filter, forcing the filter to leak contaminants back into processed water.

The water output may contain more contaminants than the filter was intended to remove in the first place.

If you don’t change these filters you are going to be consuming bad contaminants which could have serious adverse effects on your health!

With an average price of £25 each, over 10 years you will have spent £500 on a water filter that is really not doing its job.

The ViaFosa water distiller produces pure water free of contaminates time after time and has paid for itself 4 times over compared to the expense of buying water filters!

Brita Water Filters

  • Do BRITA cartridges remove nitrates from the water?

The BRITA cartridge is not designed to remove nitrates. Water companies have to comply with the standards set down in the E.C. water quality regulations; this includes a limit on nitrates. If you are concerned about the presence of nitrates in you tap water you should check with your water supplier.

  • Can bacteria or viruses be filtered out (On Tap)?

The technique of a carbon block is not designed to filter out bacteria or viruses.

  • Do BRITA cartridges remove fluoride?

The BRITA cartridge is not designed to remove fluoride. Some fluoride is naturally present in tap water, whilst some water companies add fluoride to the water. If you are concerned about the presence of fluoride in your tap water, you should check with your water supplier.

Bottled Water
Bottled water contains more bacteria than tapwater, with some brands found to harbour levels 100 times above permitted limits, according to new research.

A team of scientists found that 70 per cent of popular bottled water brands available in shops had high levels of bacteria.

Microbiologist Dr Sonish Azam, of Crest Laboratories, said bottled water did not live up to its claims or purity.

She said: "Heterotrophic bacteria counts in some of the bottles were found to be in revolting figures of one hundred times more than the permitted limit."

Dr Azam said tighter controls needed to be put on bottled water manufacturers.

"Bottled water is not expected to be free from microorganisms but the [level] observed in this study is surprisingly very high," she said. .

"Unsurprisingly, the consumer assumes that since bottled water carries a price tag, it is purer and safer than most tap water," she added.

"But the high levels of bacteria in bottled water is cause Click here to buy the ViaFosa Water Distiller