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Hard water seals each cell with a film, so oxygen cannot reach the imprisoned cells. Nature then develops new cells that thrive on less oxygen. These cells are called cancer cells. Distilled water often frees the imprisoned cells and allows the oxygen to reach the cells.

Dr Allen E Banik


"Anyone drinking distilled water exclusively would eventually return to normal weight. The reason, hard water film imprisons the cells so tissues become water-logged. Retention of fluid is the chief cause of obesity. Distilled water again breaks the cell barrier and the body weight returns to normal. Weightwatchers will lose weight, regardless of present diet if they include 4-6 glasses of distilled water each day taken a half hour before each meal"

Dr B Landone (who kept his weight perfect throughout his 98 years)

Essential to Health

"Drinking 6-10 glasses of high quality water (distilled) can improve your health. Low quality water is more pervasive than you think. Educate yourself so you can choose the water that is healthiest for you." Dr Norman Walker. Problems he describes as being influenced by impure water include: arthritis, varicose veins, cancer and even heart attacks - a major problem in virtually every community in the country.

Dr Walker lived to be 99 years old.

"The only type of water that seems to be fit for consumption is distilled water…Distillation is the single most effective method of water purification."
A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes by
Peter A. Lodewick, M.D

"Even tap water invariably contains a variety of poisons such as chlorine, chloramine, asbestos, pesticides, fluoride, copper, mercury, and lead. The best way to remove all these contaminants is by distilling."
How To Save Your Teeth: Toxic-Free Preventive Dentistry by
Dr. David Kennedy, D.D.S.

"The home distiller is the best method and also the best way to get distilled water. It is the only reliable home water purification for taking fluoride out of the water."
Fluoride: The Aging Factor by
Dr. John Yiamoyuiannis, Ph.D.

" Far and away the cleanest water is produced by the new home distillers."
Optimum Sports Nutrition by
Dr. Michael Colgan, Ph.D., CCN

“Helps cleanse my body of waste materials. Within the body, water acting as a solvent, reaches into every cell to absorb and carry away the poisons that are formed as a part of the life process. Lots of pure distilled water is needed for this task. We all know that it is easier to wash dishes in a sink full of clean water than in a sink full of dirty water. The blood circulates 400 gallons of water through the kidneys each day. Common sense tells us that when the water we consume is pure, it can do a much better job than when it is already contaminated with toxic substances.”
Dr. Clifford C. Dennison, Ed. D.

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