Our Story

Just over 8 years ago a relative came over from Australia to the UK. My aunt had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was seeking alternative health treatment as opposed to medical intervention. It was imperative she drink distilled water and not tap, bottled or normal filtered water. I discovered she was buying 5-gallon barrels at a time and this was not ideal to transport or dispense let alone the expense. ‘Surely there is a machine that you could buy to do this at home’? I asked. Apparently not, she had looked everywhere.

I then started to research home water distillers, they were available to import but they were not available in any high street shop (and still are not). We imported a small amount to test the market but more importantly to get one for my Aunt.

Margaret amazingly cured her cancer and is still cancer free today. Distilled water played a massive part in her recovery.

is a small family run business based in Nottingham and have been selling water distillers for 8 ½ years. We are always on hand to speak to customers or they can contact us via email. ViaFosa have a shop in Nottingham where you can buy direct.  Our passion is to help people not just wanting to optimise their health but to help those recovering from ill health too.

Our reviews are heart-warming and plentiful, customers become confidants and tell us the most wonderful success stories regarding their health.

When you decide to buy from us we appreciate that you may need it immediately. That’s why our free next day delivery is fully tracked with a 1hr delivery slot so you never have to miss a delivery. An SMS text notification or an email will be sent. You will then have an option to change the delivery details if you are not going to be in.

ViaFosa look forward to helping you take those next steps to a healthier life!

(0115) 9622 009 [email protected]