Distilled Water for Beauty

Washing your face using distilled water can improve your skin condition. The chlorine in tap water can strip moisture out of your skin, making your skin loose its elasticity. This is what we usually refer to as ‘tight feeling’ after washing our face.
Distilled water is better than normal tap water at dissolving impurities on our skin, even soap residue from facial cleanser. Once you have clean and unclogged pores, your skin is more than ready to receive the benefits of facial products that you applied after washing your face. Products will be absorbed better and your skin will feel the difference.
If you are spoiled by the convenience that tap water has always offered, washing your face using bottled distilled water can be such a hassle. However, a clean spray bottle can make your life easier. Pour the distilled water into a spray bottle and put it in the shower where it is easy for you to grab when you wash your face.
When washing your face using distilled water, spray the water on your face before applying facial cleanser. After that, rub the facial cleanser on your palm until it foams, then rub gently on your face in a circular motion. Rinse your face by spraying the water generously on your face until the entire soap residue is completely gone. Dab your face with a clean towel to dry.

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