Distilled Water V Bottled Water.

Distilled Water V Bottled Water.

If you’ve decided that tap water is no longer right for you, the next step is to choose a replacement. You can’t avoid drinking water, so now is the time to make your decision: water distiller vs bottled water.

You might think that both options give the same result, but that’s not quite true. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should consider water distillation over grabbing a plastic bottle when you get thirsty.

Water Distiller vs bottled water: which should I choose?

As with everything in life, there is no single option that will cater for everyone. With that being said, we think it’s hard to justify choosing bottles over a water distiller. Whatever your motivation for change, whether it’s your health, the cost, or the environment, we’ll explain why a distillation system is the right choice.

The environmentally-friendly choice

The recommended intake of water for an adult is six to eight glasses (around 1.2 litres). If you choose bottles over distilled water, this could mean buying one or more plastic bottles per day. The prospect of each individual using 365 (or more) bottles per year is a daunting prospect in terms of carbon emissions and landfill space.

While many plastic bottles can be recycled, it’s estimated that nearly 80% are not. Every year, 38 billion water bottles are sent to landfill. It is also claimed that, in the US alone, producing plastic water bottles requires around 1.5 million barrels of oil per year — enough to power 100,000 cars for an entire year.

In contrast, a water distiller is a single investment, so the eco-friendly choice is clear. As the world starts to reject single-use plastics, the water we drink will come under even more scrutiny in the coming years. In the water filter vs bottled water debate, this is a strong tick on the side of the filter.

Making the right decision for your health

Environmental reasons are not the only factors you should consider when deciding between the two. Most people move away from tap water because of the potential health risks, so it’s important to choose a positive alternative.

Evidence shows that, in many cases, bottled water is no healthier than tap water. In fact, much of the water comes from the same sources. Although the label might read “Pure Glacier Water”, it may have the same origin as the stuff from your taps.

What’s more, recent studies have identified microplastics in bottled water — the same substances causing all kinds of problems in our seas and ecosystems. Not only is bottled water worse for the environment; it could also pose unknown health risks.

Which is cheaper: bottled or distilled?

The cost of the water we drink is a huge factor in deciding which sources we should choose. Tap water seems the obvious, budget-friendly choice, but with health risks ranging from high chlorine exposure to increased levels of oestrogen, many people decide it isn’t worth the risk.

Our ViaFosa distillation system generates clean, safe water at a cost of around 12 pence per litre — far cheaper than most bottled water options. Invest in a reusable bottle and you can take your filtered water with you anywhere you go.

So, the conclusion seems to be clear: bottled water is more expensive, more harmful to the planet and potentially damaging to your health. Distilled water, on the other hand, is a safe and cost-effective way to enjoy water at home or on the go.

Get in touch to find out more about our ViaFosa water distillation system. Because when the water distiller vs bottled water debate comes up, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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