What is Distilled Water?

What is Distilled Water?

When you think of distilled water, what comes to mind? Water that is absolutely purified and free form inorganic minerals and other contaminants? Water that is clean and safe without harmful bacteria? Boiled water? The water that is put in your iron? Distilled water is all of these things.

The process behind distilled water

How is distilled water made? In order to create distilled water, the water goes through a process called distillation. Distillation begins with boiling water to produce vapour. When water is boiled, harmful bacteria and toxins that are found in your average tap water are destroyed. Almost all of the contaminants and bacteria found in water have a higher boiling point than water. This means that when the water boils and evaporates, the contaminants are left behind. The water is then both completely vaporized and separated from the unwanted chemicals and toxins. This vapour is then put into a clean container, where it condenses back into pure liquid water.

The many uses for distilled water

Of course, the most important use and benefit of distilled water is as a source for drinking. Distilled water is drinking water that is free from harmful chemicals, bacteria and other pollutants. So, staying well hydrated with distilled water has a huge range of benefits, from digesting food more effectively to maintaining a balanced temperature, improving brain functionality and aiding weight loss. A human body is made up of nearly 80% water, and that is why drinking the purest water is the best thing you can do for your health.
Not only is distilled water safe to drink, it also has noticeable benefits for your skin. Distilled water is free from chemicals, which means that you can wave goodbye to those pesky clogged pores. The purity of the water will also enhance your soaps and lotions. Without the chemicals and inorganic minerals that you find in tap water, distilled water reacts differently to your favourite products.
There are many different ways to use distilled water. The consumption of distilled water is not just beneficial for your health and wellbeing; using distilled water in your home can also help to improve your daily life. The distilled water produced by ViaFosa’s water distillers is completely free from visible impurities and has a neutral PH. Here are some of the various aspects of everyday life that benefit from using distilled water:

  • Iron: Using distilled water in your steam iron will enhance its functionality and durability by reducing limescale build-up. No more clogs and no more breaks. It can also help to reduce the risk of spreading dirty marks on freshly washed clothes. These marks are often the result of chemicals and minerals in tap water. By removing those, you remove the risk.
  • Car cooling system: Cut down on trips to the mechanic by swapping tap water for distilled water for your car’s cooling system. Minerals and ions found in tap water can corrode internal engine parts, but with distilled water, there are no minerals or chemicals that can cause damage.
  • Fish Tank: Why not transform your fish’s life through swapping tap water for distilled water? Distilled water is free from chemicals and has a perfectly neutral PH, which means that you’ll also know what is in your tank.
  • Cleaning: Have you ever despaired at the white stripes that appear straight after wiping down your laptop screen or computer monitor or television screen? Those marks are the result of dissolved salt in tap water. Distilled water is a superior cleaning product that is suitable for wiping down all of your appliances without leaving a mark.

Swapping out hard tap water for distilled water doesn’t just improve your personal health. It makes so many aspects of your life more efficient and beneficial, too. Check out ViaFosa’s water distillation systems now and change your life for the better.

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