Where can you find the Purest Water?

Where can you find the Purest Water?

Did you know that rain water is pure water? Due to its natural cycle of evaporation and condensation when rain falls from the sky it is in theory carrying no minerals or pollutants. It is only once it hits the ground, joining rivers and reservoirs and eventually to water tanks and your home tap does it then contain chemicals, pollutants and minerals. However the purest water that can be found comes from springs and is found in some wonderful locations around the world. Here are just a five of our favourites.

Te Waikoropupu – New Zealand
The Te Waikoropupu springs are thought to be the purest springs in the world. Boasting perfect underwater visibility for 63 meters, these springs are actually one of the 100 largest in the world. Apparently the springs has its own natural filtration system that removes virtually all the particulate material.

Uluru caves and gorges (Red Rock) – Australia
The waters in these caves are incredibly clear and the only distortion is from the ripples caused by naturally formed waterfalls.

Crater Lake, Oregon[1]
Formed by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama some seven and a half thousand years ago, Crater Lake is an incredible example of how freshwater lakes can look. The lake bed is clearly visible to a great depth.

Pingualuk Lake, Canada
This deep lake fills the Pingualuit Crater. It has no inlets or outlets so all the water that resides is from rainfall and is one of the most transparent lakes in the world. It is thought that a meteorite hit the location over 1.4 billion years ago and it is almost perfectly circular in shape.

Lake Mashu, Japan
This Crater Lake again has no inlets and outlets so it is filled with pure rain water. It has a water transparency of 41.6 meters. Due to the climate, in the summer months this lake is often covered by fog which has led many to believe it to be eerie and local legend says that if you can see the surface of the lake, you will have bad luck.

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