Fertility: How Distilled Water Can Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Infertility is on the rise. One in seven couples have difficulty conceiving, whilst around 37,000 people a year undergo IVF. There are many reasons infertility occurs but, increasingly, scientists are becoming concerned that chemicals in tap water are a major contributing factor in infertility. Swapping your tap water for distilled water might, therefore, be the key to improving your chances of getting pregnant.

Sexual mutations in river fish: How chemicals in tap water are affecting fertility

Male fish that mutate into female fish in UK rivers might sound like something you’d read about in a science fiction novel, but it is happening today. In recent studies, scientists have found that high levels of elgahanol oestradiol, an intensified form of oestrogen, is being pumped into UK rivers daily. It is this high dose of oestrogen that is affecting male fish fertility and sexuality.

The intense form of oestrogen is found in the contraceptive pill that is taken by many women around the world. Making their way from the toilet into the rivers, this powerful chemical is not entirely removed in sewage treatment and thus leads to the chemical contamination of our key water sources. A third of the water that we drink is sourced from UK rivers, which begs the question- how does the hormone imbalances in our water sources affect male fertility?

In new research carried out by Brunel University, the University of Exeter, the University of Reading, and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, a link has been discovered between water pollution and the rise of male fertility problems. In their studies, they found evidence of how groups of testosterone-blocking chemicals in tap water led to male infertility.

It’s not only the chemicals found in the pill that could be affecting your reproductive health, either. Pesticides and plastics contain chemicals that disrupt hormonal systems and can lead to infertility. These chemicals are present in tap water. To ensure full reproductive health, it is always advisable to drink distilled water that is free from toxins and contamination.

6 ways distilled water improves reproductive health

Distilled water has many health benefits. Distilled water cleanses the body, flushes out toxins and helps maintain organ health and the circulatory systems of the body. It also plays a key role in maintaining and ensuring reproductive health. Here are six reasons why you should drink distilled water if you are trying to get pregnant:

  • Distilled water helps to create healthy cervical fluid.Cervical fluid plays a key role in getting pregnant. It is what helps the sperm get to the eggs for fertilisation. Drinking distilled water improves the fertile quality of cervical fluid and so aids in the process of sperm and egg ovulation.
  • Distilled water helps to plump egg follicles and aids the circulation of blood supply to the lining of the womb.Staying hydrated with distilled water helps to oxygenate the womb and support ovulation by stimulating both circulation and egg health.
  • Distilled water helps restore hormonal imbalance.Hormonal imbalances are one of the main reasons many people struggle to get pregnant. By drinking distilled water, you ensure that your hormones are able to circulate around your body and find a balance in the areas in which they are needed for reproductive health.
  • Distilled water helps your body to detox.Our bodies are continuously exposed to harmful toxins that can affect fertility. Distilled water flushes these toxins out of your body and detoxifies your key organs. A detoxified body is able to more effectively absorb nutrients from food through the body and improve health.
  • Distilled water helps to keep your organs functioning.Ensuring that your organs are functioning properly is key when trying to conceive. Kidney and liver problems can result in ovulation imbalances, miscarriages and early labour. The detoxifying effects of drinking distilled water can help to keep your organs at their top functionality.
  • Distilled water helps sperm health.Semen is made up of around 98% water, so staying hydrated is key to sperm health.

For more information about how drinking distilled water can help you to get pregnant, check out this article from The Fertile Kitchen.

From fertility to weight loss, drinking distilled water has an incredible array of benefits. Take advantage of them today with ViaFosa’s water distillation systems.

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