Battling health problems with Distilled Water:

Every two minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with a life threatening illness We all know someone who has been affected, either having to fight it personally or helping a loved one through their battle with it. As new research into alternative treatments emerge we see a huge step forward to a healthier life.


Is your water safe?

We now know that there are unavoidable chemicals in our drinking water that are carcinogenic – substances associated with health issues. Benzene, fluoride, arsenic, lead, dimethyl, disulfide, naplethene; the list of  chemicals in drinking water goes on. Even the chlorine used to disinfect drinking water has substantial implications on our bodies.


Distilled water: a natural alternative health treatment.

Many doctors now believe that drinking distilled water is the best water to drink for optimal health. When water is contaminated by nitrates and arsenic or other carcinogenic toxins, it is very difficult to remove them. Simply boiling water won’t do the trick and can actually increase the concentration of the chemicals. Once these chemicals are ingested, they break down into nitrosamines.

Distilled water is the purest form of water and doesn’t contain any of the carcinogenic chemicals that are found in tap water. So, when you drink distilled water, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not ingesting harmful toxins into your body. Distilled water also helps to flush out the toxins ingested through food and the air. Distilled water can also help to free sealed cells, allowing oxygen to circulate the body and so reverse the damage caused by drinking hard water.

Distilled water is a simple and incredibly effective way to improve your health in many ways.

Distilled water is a simple and incredibly effective way to improve your health in many ways. Defend yourself with ViaFosa’s water distillation systems.

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