The Easiest Way to Lose Weight: Distilled Water and Weight Loss

Shifting those pesky extra pounds is hard. Where do you begin? We are constantly bombarded with new information, fad diets, impossible exercise regimes and crazy lifestyle changes. Obesity levels in the UK alone have trebled over the past 30 years, so it is more important than ever to follow the right guidance. The one thing that all nutritionists and experts working in the field of weight loss agree on is that water is the key to weight loss.

Drinking water throughout the day is proven to increase your metabolism and digestion. Water keeps your stomach acid concentrated, which means that your digestion is optimised. Water also helps to detoxify your body, so you’re able to better absorb all of those superfoods and nutrients that your new diet includes. However, choosing the right water to complement your weight loss regime is key.

The health benefits of distilled water are innumerable and swapping out your tap water for distilled water could be the best and easiest way to drop those extra pounds.

Is your water making you fat?

So, you’re following a diet, you’ve signed up to the gym and got in a couple of workouts, you’re drinking the recommended 1.6-2 litres of water per day. You’re doing everything right, but you still aren’t seeing results. Why?

Here is an article by Professor Adam Carey, a gynaecologist, obstetrician and Professor of Nutrition at Leeds Metropolitan University, that discusses how the chemicals you drink in tap water can actually trigger weight gain.

Can water make you fat? It sounds absurd, the kind of suggestion peddled by some New Age psycho-babble diet.

After all, can there be anything in our diet that equals the critically important role played by water in maintaining our health?

Water is the foundation of life, the major content of most organisms, the primary component of our cells and is responsible for aiding thousands of chemical processes in the body. What is more, there is surely nothing more refreshing than a long, cool, sparklingly clear glass of water poured straight from the tap?

As a doctor of more than 20 years’ standing, the answer has to be a resounding NO! Yet when we do drink it, how many of us get the healthy water we deserve?

Thanks to the possible pollutants that are so difficult to remove from our water supply, it has been linked to a number of health complaints – and yes, it may even trigger weight gain. Even calorie-free water can affect our body fat levels if chemicals that disturb hormonal activity leach into our supply and drive up our chances of putting on weight.

Remember that water is only as good as the route of its delivery. There’s no point in any of us trying to eat healthily and exercise if we don’t do something about our water. It’s something we should all drink to! Start drinking distilled water today!

Keeping it pure: How distilled water helps you to lose weight

Distilled water is the purest water there is and the only water you should be drinking for weight loss. Unlike tap water, distilled water won’t flood your body with toxic chemicals or minerals that the body can’t absorb. Swapping tap water for distilled water will help to fight water retention, as it doesn’t contain any sodium or potassium that can cause bloating. Distilled water is the key to optimum hydration!

Distilled water has many health benefits and can actively help with your weight loss goals by flushing out inorganic compounds and toxins. By detoxifying your body with distilled water, you will be clearing out excessive fats from the bloodstream and improving the speed at which nutrients, hormones and chemical substances are transported around the body. This is particularly important if you’re following a high-protein diet. Distilled water is the perfect tonic for cleansing the body of the ketones that manifest in a high-protein diet.

ViaFosa’s cost-effective high-quality water distillers ensure that your body is getting exactly what it needs to lose weight.

Tips and tricks for using distilled water to aid weight loss

We all know that hydration is the key to weight loss, but here are some extra helpful tips and tricks for using distilled water to lose weight:

  • Drink cold, distilled waterDrinking cold water below room temperature helps to boost your metabolism and burn more calories. When your body digests cold water, it has to increase your body temperature for digestion, meaning that more energy is burned.
  • Swap tea, coffee and juice for distilled waterA coffee with semi-skimmed milk and one spoon of sugar contains around 52 calories. Distilled water contains zero calories. Replacing sugary or alcoholic drinks with water is the easiest way to cut down on the calories you consume.
  • Drink distilled water when you’re hungryWe are all guilty of confusing thirst for hunger. Often, when we feel those familiar 11am hunger pangs what we’re actually experiencing is thirst. So, rather than scoffing down some extra calories, drink a glass of water when you’re hungry to check whether it’s hunger you’re feeling or thirst.
  • Drink a glass of distilled water before, during and after a mealDrinking water helps with digestion – and the better your digestion, the more effectively you can burn calories and lose weight.
  • Cut out the saltLowering your salt intake helps to improve the varied health benefits of drinking distilled water. Salt makes the body retain water weight and can lead to bloating. By cutting down on the salt, you’ll soon lose some of the extra weight you’re carrying.

For more ideas on how to incorporate distilled water into your weight loss regime, check out this article from healthline.

Water is a vital component to your health, so make the most of it. Add a simple, yet incredible tool to your weight loss programme with ViaFosa’s water distillation systems today.

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